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  • よんでたのしむ STORY(ストーリー)


It is time to do what?
To-do Clock

Sometimes, it is time to go out but our kids are still playing around or eating. This is because they are often not aware of time. That is why we made“To-do Clock. ” This will help our kids become more aware of what to do next. It visually connects “time” and “what to do,” so they will learn to see what time it is and what to do next. If they acquire a better sense of time, things will be easy for everyone.

First, make a schedule for the day. For example, “leave home at eight,” so we must get changed and brush our teeth. “dinner at seven,” so we must clean up before that. Just like this, talk with your kids about time and what to do, and paste “to-do marks” onto the clock. You can also make several patterns, for example, morning and evening, or days with private lessons and without.

Let your kids write numbers on the clock face, or let them decorate spare “to-do marks.” Your kids will feel attached to the clock and hopefully be more interested in “time.”

Once a “to-do” is finished, turn the hand. It will show the next “to-dos” coming up in the next two hours, like “dinner at seven” or “picture book at eight.” Ask the kids “It is time to do what?” and wait for them to start acting on their own. Hopefully, their awareness of time will gradually improve.

There are four types of “To-do Clock” in total. The two of the left have numbers, and others are blank so you can write numbers by yourself.

Download PDF!

[ 用意するもの ]

[ Prepared list ]

  • ・Scissors
  • ・Cutter knife
  • ・Cutting mat

[ おすすめの紙 ]

[ Reccomend paper ]

  • Very thick
  • Film label seal
  • ( “to-do mark”)
>>紙の厚さについて >>about types, thickness and weight(japanese)

Cut in a circle along the line.

Cut and separate each “to-do mark”.

Using a box cutter, cut out the white sections. Add notches along the lines of the insert section in the center.

Paste the “to-do mark” to the large circle.

Insert the small circles from above into the center hole and you’re done.


Check the how-to video!

Download PDF!