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Cut, fold, paste.Time spent together with children,all starting from an A4 piece of paper.
Cut, fold, paste.Time spent together with children,all starting from an A4 piece of paper.


Living in a household with children, the merging of design and idea became the building blocks for KitteOtte.
When our children were born we had purchased a printer, but that came with a laundry list of inconveniences and problems. Back then, We thought to ourselves, “If only there were an easier way to do this.” Looking back, this is how KitteOtte was born. The abilities of children and the way that they play is constantly changing, so we have focused on creating something truly fun to be enjoyed with the whole family, piece by piece and fold by fold. In developing this service, our focus has been not on how to best sell our product, but more so on fostering communication in children by providing something that is truly fun to make. For example, we are aiming to provide assistant to early life critical junctures such as toilet training, and also kindergarten entrance and graduation. As this is a crucial age for both children and parents, our mission is to deliver items that can particularly be of use during that time.

Our Message

Make with your hands.Make together.

The future of our children. It is said that the experience of “doing something with parents” when children are young is very important in raising their “self-esteem.” Every time children share what they felt to their parents who are the closest people in their lives and have them empathize, they will accumulate their wroth of self-esteem of “My feelings are being understood=It’s ok that I’m myself.” This could truly be the nourishment in their lives If each of these experiences nurture strength that will not be defeated when they challenge to new things or experience difficulty in the future.

However, the time raising children is the busiest and hardest time in people’s lives. Even if parent’s wanted to play with their children, it’s difficult to spend a lot of time with them. “Kitteotte” that can be easily enjoyed just by outputting A4 size paper, is a service that was born based on our own experiences and desires such as these.

Centered on designers who are mothers, professional who share our beliefs, who usually create communications such as illustrators, photographers, and copy writers gather together and create it, so mothers, fathers, and everyone who are involved in the children’s lives can enjoy their daily lives by making it and playing it together with children.

We aspire to create “A future of moving our hands and create together” Everyone is excited, believing that it would be great if we could give even just a slight, positive influence of the future and lives of children in this world.

However, this is “waddling service” that was just born.

We’re sure that there are still many things that are not good enough. However, all of the participating creators are enthusiastic to make it fun even if it’s just slightly fun, by being attentive to everyone’s voices.
We ask for your kind support.

Representing the creators involved in “Kitteotte.”
Keiji Yano


Everyone who is cooperating with Kitte Otte.
Also, our staff’s friends, acquaintances and their children are also participating as models.

The photographs used in Kitte Otte are thanks to the cooperation of Nanasai Photo Studio, who carries out diverse photo shoots.


The members who operate Kitteotte are centered around designers who are mothers having children. We create things with designs that mothers right now will feel “This is good!”and things that did not exist although people wanted it, based on what we notice in our daily lives.

Designer Aoi Arao
DesignerAoi Arao
Designer Kaori Sasaki
DesignerKaori Sasaki
Designer Yukiko Shimizu
DesignerYukiko Shimizu
Copywriter Noriko Nakajima
CopywriterNoriko Nakajima
Front Engineer Amu Naruse
Front EngineerAmu Naruse
Designer Yasue Mitsumori
DesignerYasue Mitsumori
Designer Chihiro Motono
DesignerChihiro Motono
Designer Li-Jung, Wang
DesignerLi-Jung, Wang
CEO Keiji Yano
CEOKeiji Yano