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  • つくってあそぶ CRAFT(クラフト)
  • よんでたのしむ STORY(ストーリー)


Stylish Mini Bag

"For children, the fashion styles of adults are something they always admire and aspire to copy. To help them fulfill that aspiration we made cute little bags for kids that even grown ups will want to wear."

“There’s 5 different types of Stylish Mini Bags.
Of course you can make a bag for yourself, but we recommend you make a matching set to wear with a friend.”

“For the eye catching ribbon design bags we made them in 3 different colors.
If you pair it up with our ribbon earrings you can level up your style even further and raise the attention you get from your friends too.”

“For the star design adventure bag we have two types, leather and denim.
We designed them to look like real bags, with stoppers and seams.
If you make it from craft paper you can achieve a more genuine finished look.”

You can fit cards in the back pocket too. Stick a handkerchief or some sweets inside and give it as a present to your friend, they’ll surely be delighted!

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[ 用意するもの ]

[ Prepared list ]

  • ・Scissors
  • ・Paste
  • ・String
  • ・Bond
  • ・One hole punch
  • ・Cutter knife
  • ・Ruler
  • ・Cutter mat

[ おすすめの紙 ]

[ Reccomend paper ]

  • Very Thick(adventure bag ; Craft paper)
>>紙の厚さについて >>about types, thickness and weight(japanese)

[Adventure Bag]Push down the the sides into a 3d shape to complete.

[Adventure Bag] Create folds along the folding lines (If you use a box cutter to score the folding lines in advance they'll fold cleaner)

[Adventure Bag] Glue the main section to the strap so that the A sections overlap, then glue on the assembled pocket.

[Adventure Bag] Glue the sides together to assemble the body of the bag.

[Adventure Bag] Open up holes in the sides with a hole punch and lightly crease them into halves. (If you don't have a hole punch, make an incision with scissors instead.)

[Adventure Bag] Fold the star part along the folding lines then glue the triangles on the back to create a 3d shape. Take the base part and apply glue to the back.

[Adventure Bag] Glue the base to the main body of the bag, then glue the star onto the base. After that run some string through the holes to complete.

[Dress Up Bag] Just like the adventure bag, first cut out all the parts.

[Dress Up Bag] Make an incision on the cover using a cutter.

[Dress Up Bag] Once the pocket has been assembled fold the corners inwards.

[Dress Up Bag] Glue the cover and the pocket onto the body of the bag.

[Dress Up Bag] Glue the sides of the bag together.

[Dress Up Bag] Fold the top part of the sides inside and glue them down.

[Dress Up Bag] Open up holes in the sides with a hole punch and lightly crease them into halves. (If you don't have a hole punch, make an incision with scissors instead)

[Dress Up Bag] For the ribbon, arrange the big part into a bellows shape.

[Dress Up Bag] Fold the small part in two and glue it around the centre.

[Dress Up Bag] Insert the ribbon into the incision on the cover of the bag and secure it with glue.

[Dress Up Bag] Pass the string through the holes and tie the ends to complete.


Check the how-to video!

Download PDF!