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Wishing you a happy New Year!
Exciting worksheet

Because if you pay attention a year will go by in the blink of an eye. How about setting this year's goals with the entire at the beginning of the new year? Everyone's own dreams as well as promises to keep with the whole family. If you write these every year it will also motivate you to look back on the year and say "We said these kinds of things last year, didn't we?"

“There are two kinds of dream sheets.
One sheet per person for writing things such as “”places I want to go”” and “”things I want to do””, and a sheet with free space where entire family can write “”the five articles of our family”” and where everyone can individually write down their aspirations.”

If you talk to your children asking questions such as “What kind of things would you like to do?” and “What kind of person would you like to become?” you will also be able to hear unexpected dreams. Let’s write down our ambitions for this year, Papa and Mama included!

“The child of one of our staff members wrote “”swimming pool”” as the place she would like to go in 2019.
The fact that a place like that left such an impression on her makes us let out a sigh of endearment.
She promised to “”not cry so quickly.””
If you put it into a frame and hang it somewhere where everyone can see it, they can always be reminded of it. *laughs*

May you have new dreams next new year once again.
Let’s welcome every new year contemplating “”What kind of year was this year?”””

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