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  • つくってあそぶ CRAFT(クラフト)
  • よんでたのしむ STORY(ストーリー)


Get those Fake Santas!
Hit the targets with Snowballs

Santa Claus is coming to deliver all his presents… But there are Fake Santas just waiting to steal them! Defeat those sneaky Fake Santas with snowballs to keep everyone’s presents safe and sound! The kids will practice addition as they add up their points―a truly exciting Christmas party game!

Create “Santa” and “Fake Santa” using two paper plates attached back-to-back to each other. Then they’re ready to be hung on your wall.

Cut about 1cm off the end of your balloon and use it to cover your paper cup (which you already cut the bottom out of). Draw a snowman face on the side of your second cup which will go over the first one. You can use buttons for its nose or stickers for its eyes, whatever you like. Make a beautiful, unique snowman!

Put a styrofoam or table tennis ball (or even aluminum foil rolled into a ball shape) into the paper cup. Aim at your target and pull on the balloon to send the ball flying.

There are four types of “Fake Santas”. Left to right: Devil Santa, Witch, Dracula and Pirate. You can change their height or distance to change the difficulty level. The paper cup snowmen are easy to make: just two paper cups and a balloon. (The one in the photo uses 18cm paper plates, 150ml paper cups and 12 inch balloons.)

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[ 用意するもの ]

[ Prepared list ]

  • ・Scissors
  • ・Glue
  • ・Paper plates
  • ・Cup
  • ・Balloon
  • ・Ball
  • ・Pen

[ おすすめの紙 ]

[ Reccomend paper ]

  • Thick
>>紙の厚さについて >>about types, thickness and weight(japanese)

Cut the paper along the cutting lines

Cover the paper cup with the balloon attached with the other paper cup with the face drawn on.

Draw the face of a snowman on the side of the 2nd cup with the bottom cut out.

With the balloon, cover the cup with the bottom cut out.

Cut off 1cm from the end of the balloon.

Run some string through the paper plates.

Glue the faces onto 2 overlapping paper plates.

Download PDF!