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  • つくってあそぶ CRAFT(クラフト)
  • よんでたのしむ STORY(ストーリー)


Be surprised when receiving it!
Scary cute packaging

Pranks go hand in hand with Halloween. We have prepared "scary cute" packaging for kids who come visit while saying "Trick or Treat" when friends gather for a party. The shape of the packaging come in 4 types, if you print the sheets that have various parts gathered on the clear label paper, you can create an original design by sticking them on all over. Of course, they can be used for purposes other than Halloween. Please fill them with many kinds of candy and enjoy the surprised and pleased expressions of the children.

In addition to the simple form perfect for pasting on the faces of bats and cats, it can also be used as a ghost box, a mummy box that sticks out its tongue, and even a coffin in which a vampire sleeps… It is perfect for Halloween, a little creepy, but cute. These are also different sizes, so please choose according to the sweets that you want to put in it, such as cookies, candies, and macarons.

For Halloween, you should definitely use black paper. Also, using craft or thick paper instead of copy paper will allow for a stiffer finish of higher quality. If you are using it for a little present on a normal day, keep it simple without pasting any stickers.

On the sheet with the parts to decorate the box, there is a lineup of motifs of cat faces, crosses, ghosts, and pumpkins. They are made to look a little silly so that children can paste them everywhere without feeling afraid.

Say, “Come, let’s prepare for Halloween!” and assemble and stick stickers on together with your child. It is an item that will heighten the Halloween mood when you feel like what you can find in retail stores are not enough.

Download PDF!

[ 用意するもの ]

[ Prepared list ]

  • ・Scissors
  • ・Cutter knife
  • ・Cutter mat
  • ・Sticker paper

[ おすすめの紙 ]

[ Reccomend paper ]

  • Thick
  • kraft paper
  • color paper
>>紙の厚さについて >>about types, thickness and weight(japanese)

Use scissors to cut along the lines printed on the sheet to cut out the parts to create your package.

Fold according to the folding lines to form pleats and paste them together with glue or double-sided tape.

Put your gift inside then seal it up with tape or parts.

Then all you have to do is decorate the outside with as many parts as you like, and it's done!


Check the how-to video!

Download PDF!