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Dress up and be happy!
Matching earrings Margaret -Winter Color-

Mom is a girl too. So we want her to cherish the uplifting feeling experienced when wearing something cute. This is why we have created these matching paper earrings. This time, we have designed them in subtle colors that are easy to coordinate with your fall and winter fashion. Which color do you like? Which string shall we use? Time spent discussing preferences and creating something together is also a happy time for the children. In the New Year, when you often meet up with people you do not usually have a chance to see, why not spend some time with the children and get dressed up together?

The large petals of the Margaret -Winter Color- earrings are simply gorgeous. Combine your favorite colors to create multi-colored earrings, or arrange them in any way you like. These earrings require some intricate steps to be followed, so children will require help from an adult.

Simply cut off the round ends of a band-aid to stick the earring strings to the back of your ears. Adults can also hang them over their own everyday earrings.

Moms and their children can wear matching earrings even if their tastes are different. The sheet contains stylish colors that are easy to coordinate with outfits even for the adults, as well as some bright colors that are sure to delight children. Have fun coordinating your earrings depending on your mood on the day.

The Margaret -Winter Color- earrings come in four designs. The photo shows, from the left: red x light blue, green x yellow, purple x gray, and gray and blue. The overall style of the earrings can change depending on your choice of string, so feel free to try out several combinations!

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[ 用意するもの ]

[ Prepared list ]

  • Scissors
  • Cutter knife
  • Cutting mat
  • Paste
  • Band aid
  • String
  • Beads

[ おすすめの紙 ]

[ Reccomend paper ]

  • normal
>>紙の厚さについて >>about types, thickness and weight(japanese)

Cut along the straight dotted lines.

Fold in two, along the fold lines. Apply glue to hold both sides together and cut out the shapes.

For the petals, bend the ends inward and glue them in the middle.

Fold the ends of the asterisk shape inward and glue them in the middle.

Take the petals, apply glue to the middle and affix them one on top of the other.

Glue the small circle on top of the asterisk shape.

Glue the large circle to the back of the flower.

Thread through a string and cut to your desired length. Tie a knot and your earrings are ready!


Check the how-to video!

Download PDF!