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“Kitteotte” (hereinafter “Website”) is operated by Will Communication Design laboratory Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “WCD”). Please confirm the following items upon using the Website. We ask you to recognize in advance that you will be deemed to have consented to the following when you access and use the Website. (following contents may change without any notice)

Copyright/Portrait Right
All copyrights pertaining to the Website belong to WCD. Furthermore, portrait right may arise on the person or character posted or displayed on the Website.
The trade mark/logo mark/service mark posted or displayed on the Website is the trademark of WCD or registered trade mark of a third party.
The Website is produced/operated with the intention of presenting contents that are useful to promote communication for family with children. However, we will not guarantee the accuracy or updated state of the information posted on the Website, or whether such information is useful to customer. Furthermore, although we make effort so that customer can use our Website with comfort, we will not guarantee flawlessness with respect to the sustainability of the provided service, stable usage, guarantee of access to the site, download availability, etc. The Website will also not be liable for damage incurred by customer through the use of the Website. (For example, although sometimes a recommended target age is indicated on the Website, it is indicated for the purpose of showing the difficulty level of the production, and is not intended to guarantee the safety upon a child playing by himself/herself. Therefore, it is up to the guardian to decide whether to allow a child to play by himself/herself.) Furthermore, we may change, delete, suspend/discontinue etc. publically disclosed information without any notice to customer from time to time, and in such case we will not be liable for any sort of damage incurred by customer due to such change etc.
Use of Raw Material
The entire raw material being provided in the Website may be used freely, except in the case that corresponds to the following “Prohibited Items”.
Prohibited Items

The entire raw materials being provided in the Website may not be used for the following purposes.

  1. 1. Process/alter the raw material without permission.
  2. 2. Sell, distribute, transfer, lend merchandise or product that uses part or all of the raw material for profit, or grant use right or use it for other commercial purposes.
  3. 3. Reposition all or part of the raw material on website, server etc. other than the Website, and allow access by unspecified number of persons.
  4. 4. Exhibit or distribute all or part of the raw material toward unspecified number of persons at commercial event venue hosted by customer, or through customer’s printed materials intended for commercial use such as catalogue, poster, flyer etc. and other media.
  5. 5. Use it in a way that will infringe the copyright, portrait right, trademark right and other rights pertaining to the raw material.
  6. 6. Use all or part of the raw material for trademark, trade name, service mark and other product display and register such mark for own self or for third party.
  7. 7. Use it in a way that goes against public order, or use it for illegal act, pornographic website, crime organization etc.
  8. 8. Use it in a way that will damage the credibility and public image of the Website
  9. 9. Use it in a way that goes against this terms of use and various cautions items pertaining to the use of the Website, and other form of use deemed inappropriate.
Link to Other Sites from this Website
The link of external website pasted on the Website is being controlled/operated under the responsibility of each corporation/individual that operates such external website, and such external website is not under the controlled of the Website. Furthermore, these external links do not necessarily mean that there is a special alliance/cooperation/etc. between the Website and the corporation/individual that operate these external websites. Although the Website provides links to these external sites for the convenience of customer, we will not be liable in anyway should damage arises to customer due to the use of such external links (includes damage caused to customer’ personal information). We ask customer to use these external links under one’s own responsibility by following the privacy policy and other conditions stated under these sites.
Link to this Website from Customer’s Site

Customer may paste the link to the Website on customer’s site by consenting to the terms listed in the following items.

  1. 1. The Website will not be liable in any way should damage arises to customer as the result of pasting the Website on customer’s website.
  2. 2. Information and URL posted on the Website are not guaranteed to be posted on permanent basis and are subject to change without any notice.
  3. 3. Customer is not allowed to paste link in a way that makes it unclear whether the link is of Kitteotte website such as displaying inside the frame, etc. Customer is also strictly prohibited from pasting link directly on the raw material for down load.
  4. 4. Logo mark of Kitteotte may not be used without the approval of the operating company. It also may not be used in customer’s website without the approval.
  5. 5. Any sort of link that may infringe the right owned by the Website or interfering with its operation are strictly prohibited.
  6. 6. Link from websites that include the following contents are strictly prohibited.
    • ・Content that goes against public order
    • ・Illegal content
    • ・Pornographic content
    • ・Content that slanders the Website or its related websites
  7. 7. Pasting the Website on customer’s website will not in any way be construed as entering into any sort of contractual relationship between the Website and customer.
  8. 8. Website will not provide any sort of warranty to customer regarding the link to the Website. Furthermore, Website will not assume any liability and obligation to customer.
  9. 9. Link to the Website should not be construed as some sort of right regarding the information on the Website (text, image, and any and all information being posted on the Website) is being granted to customer.
  10. 10. Please note in advance that due to the operational circumstance, the access from customer’s website may be shut-off without any notice.
Opinion, Request
Although we would like to hear customer’s opinions and feed-back for the Website, we will not guarantee a response toward the content of such opinion and feed-back, or implementation of service alteration. Furthermore, although we welcome customer’s specific comments such as his/her own opinion, feed-back etc., please refrain from sending us ideas and proposals regarding the service and content through media such as document, data, etc. Because the Website is operated with small number of staff, there will be cases where we will not be able to send back or store the original document/data being sent by customer. We ask for your understanding. Furthermore, all of the information being sent to us will be deemed as the property of the Website, and the copyright (it refers to the entire rights set forth in Article 21 to Article 28 of the Copyright Law) accompanying and deriving from such information will be transferred to the operating company, and it shall be deemed as customer consenting to the fact that he/she will not exercise any right of an author. No confidential obligation will arise to such information, and the operating company will not be liable in anyway irrespective of how it decides to use/announce such information.
Matters to be Noted Upon Posting on Website, Magazine etc. Concerning this Website

Please indicate the following notation upon posting the URL of the Website on website etc. for individual use.

【Notation Method of URL】

If you are interested in using the Website information for commercial use or for collaboration, please first contact us at “inquiry page”.

Issuing date:December 5, 2017